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Stop wasting time in the gym

May 22, 2018

So many people spend hours in the gym without ever getting any results.

Why would you get help from a professional right? Spending 50k on a car, no problem... spending a little money on your own health and well being, thats too much. I hope you detect a sarcastic tone in all this.

The most important thing to do is to set a goal for yourself, a goal that you can measure, it can’t be abstract. Be specific. 'I want to weigh X lbs/kg in X amount of time, I want to be able to run X amount of miles in X days from now'. 

If you can’t afford a personal trainer, get an online coach. With me you pay a one time fee and you get all the advice you need, that will set you up for the rest of your life. No more throwing away time at the gym. No more wasting money on BS diets! 

This is my number one frustration when I walk around the gym; the amount of clueless people that have absolutely no idea why they’re there. 

Bad trainers will act like it's all rocket science when it's really not. All you need to know is the basics and I will help you with that, once you see the progress you'll be hooked for life. Because in the end is all about changing your lifestyle, something you can uphold for the rest of your life.


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