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Haroon linked up with me via instagram and was super motivated. All he needed was a little push in the right direction. Im super proud of him, the best thing about it that he changed his lifestyle, so there is no 'yoyo effect' Congratz my bro!

Meet Jessica, 

'This feels so good and I'm hungry for more. Im so motivated at this point, I'm tracking my nutrition and focus more on weightlifting. I'm looking forward to whatever is coming. Hopefully I can even book more progression. Thanks for motivating me'

Kate is one of the first people to join my 10 week program and look at the results! She's logging every workout and keeps track of all her nutrition. She is one of my example clients, never complains and always works hard!

Manny, eventhough he has a crazy workscedule he always manages to hit the gym. 'Im seriously starting to look up to you as a big brother I never had. You're making me thing of my career and it's path not only bettering my body and I wanted to thank you for that.

It's been a while since I felt a flame of passion in me. I'm forever indebted to you for that, thank you'

Antoinio was working out for a while but wanted to tone up. He needed that push in the right direction. this is a 6 week progress pic, by just changing up his diet.



Incredible result working out 7 days a week and dedicated to changing his lifestyle.

Andy is fulltime DJ and managed to get this result while working almost every night of the week!


This is me from a while ago, when I did the 'fat' to shredded series


Cheyenne killed it in 6 weeks, working out 5 times a week and a slight adjustment in her nutrition program was all it took.