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A quick fix society

May 21, 2018

Are you tired? Don’t go to sleep you silly! Take a pill. You want to gain muscle? Don’t change your lifestyle, take a pill. You’re depressed? Don’t work on yourself and look for someone to talk to, take a pill. Your liver and kidneys are failing, because of all the pills? Don’t stop taking pills, just take this other pill! 

You think I’m exaggerating? This is such a big problem, especially in the US. It happens in Europe too, but not on this scale. Cabinets full of medicines and description drugs in every household, a pill for everything. It’s part of the weekly grocery haul, it scares me! Realize this happens in a country where weed has been- and still is illegal in most states.

The quick fix mentality is part of the culture and as an outsider it blows my mind to get confronted with this everytime I’m in the US (and I’m here a lot)

It’s in the commercials, on the billboards and you can purchase it everywhere, a quick fix for all your problems.

It’s a billion dollar industry, it’s not even a secret. Get your 3$ fastfood menu, get sick and get pills. Poor people don’t get educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle and can’t afford the more expensive healthy foods, so the gap between rich and poor gets bigger and bigger.

I’ve been to many 3rd world countries, but never a rich on like this 🤯  You’re only as strong as your weakest link. So start thinking long term in this quick fix society and start educating people. 



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