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May 29, 2018

Last shoot planned today at Red Rock, my favorite hiking spot in Vegas. Looking for this bullkiller, to tell him to go vegan😝

Don’t worry guys I won’t become a jehovah. For everyone that’s interested though, I can give you some pointers on how to keep your hard earned muscle mass. 

I cheat a little by using Animal BCAA’s, creatine and some products with whey in them (not saying it’s necessary) you still need to hit your macro’s/micros though. So if you take advice from a vegan, make sure its not from one that looks like a green twig, that tells you that you’ll get enough protein in by eating a lot of broccoli, drinks his own urine and doesn’t consume honey because he feels like it’s bee exploitation 😑 get 50% off on all my programs with code summershredding at kazvibes.com ALL PROGRAMS ARE CUSTOM DESIGNED BY ME! No e-books or cookie cutter bs! —

Flying back to Amsterdam tomorrow early morning! Summertime in Amsterdam is priceless. My VEGAS trip was fruitful in every way, but it feels good to go back home and see my little goon @mr_white_sphynx #dailyblog #desertshoot #vegan

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