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January 20, 2018

🚨MOTIVATION TIPS, how to motivate yourself to go to the gym🚨 

1️⃣ Set a goal and make it measurable. For instance if you want to gain or lose weight, set your goal at X kg's/lbs in X time. Your goal can also be to improve conditioning, you can set a goals to run X km's/miles in X time at the end of the month. That way, you won't skip a workout because it messes with the goal you set. Evaluate every week.

2️⃣ Look for a gym partner that is serious about working out (this doesn't necessarily has to be you best friend) as long as you trigger eachother to go harder and kill each workout. If you can't find a gympartner, get some good headphones and make a playlist with music that hypes you up during the workouts.

3️⃣ Find a gym where people are serious about working out, if everyone around you works hard it motivates you to do the same. It works the other way around as well, in some gyms people only come to gossip and sit in the sauna, not really motivating...

4️⃣ Buy gymclothes that compliment your shape. Maybe this sounds a little weird, but it can be motivating to see a pump(maybe its a guy thing) but I know a lot of girls as well that get motivated by a good glute pump😁

5️⃣giantsets/supersets. Rest inbetween sets disturbs the flow of your workout. Staying busy by doing multiple exercises at the same   Keeps you motivated.

6️⃣ Preworkout. If you're not feeling like working out a good pre-workout can help.  

7️⃣ make selfies, there is nothing more motivating than seeing your own progression. If you make a selfie a week and you see the improvements you will keep going to the gym

8️⃣ Have a good cheatmeal every once in a while. After your cheatmeal you will feel like working out😁

9️⃣ find a gym that is almost always open, so you can go at any given time. 

🔟 Go straight to the gym after work, DO NOT GO HOME once you get home its 10 times harder to motivate yourself to workout. 


Enjoy your weekend 🙋 


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