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4 exercise tips For People Who Don’t Have a lot of Time To Work Out

June 28, 2018

  • Full-body workouts

Work on every muscle group in your body 3 times a week. It's the most efficient way to train.

An example of a 3 day split:

Day 1



Back squat


Leg extension


Barbell bench press


Bent over barbell row


Military barbell press


Cable crunches



Day 2



Barbell deadlift


Lying Hamstring curl


Chest fly cables


Lat pulldown machine


Lateral raises dumbbell


Hanging leg raises



Day 3



Romanian splitsquat


Hip thrusts barbell


Incline bench press


Cable pullover


Rear delt machine


Ab wheel rollouts


  • You can even save time during your workout by doing supersets. Supersets are combinations of exercises performed consecutively with no rest in between the sets. By speeding things up, supersets also add cardio to your lifting routine.

Examples of superset routines:

Push pull supersets



Lat pulldown wide grip (cable)


Barbell bench press




Cable fly


Seated row narrow grip (cable)




Military barbell press


High row machine




Front raises dumbbell


Bent over barbell row


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  • Pick a gym close to your home/work, so you don't lose time on traveling.
  • Minimize talking and socializing during your workout. You can always invite your friends over during the weekend.




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