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December 13, 2017

Gaining is harder than shredding, losing fat is as simple as sticking to a caloric-deficit-diet with proper macro's, upping your activity level a little and doing it for a certain periode of time. You'll see results within no time in contrast to gaining muscle mass, which takes time and immense effort.

Gaining muscle.

Yesterday somebody asked me; 'Do you have a diet for gaining, or do you just eat everything?'...

Ask your father what his diet is, I bet he'll respond with something like: ' uhhhhh I just eat everything' Is your father 240lbs 90% muscle mass? Don't think so, this goes for the biggest part of society. 

My point is, eating everything isn't going to help you gain any muscle mass whats however. 


Following a program while gaining is even more important than following one while you're shredding. You want to be in a surplus with proper macro's without binging or gaining a lot of fat. You can easily gain muscle walking around with 12% body fat, there is no need to gain more fat. 

I choose to shred while I travel, because eating 2600 cals a day (what I eat at the lowest point of my cut) is easy to accomplish . Gaining season starts when I can control my intake from getting up til going to bed. Eating 4200cals (what I eat while Im gaining/bulking/building mass) with 250gr of protein, 500gr of carbs, 120gr of fat is only doable for me when Im in my hometown, where I can prep intake. I might go up as high as 5200 at the end of my bulk. (Im 6ft4, 225lbs, 26yrs old).

My bulking fase takes up to 3 months.... this means I hit my macros for 90 days straight. I take a 3 day average so 12600 cals in 3 days, up to 15600 in 3 days.


Don't binge!! You will get fat, binging is one of the worst things you can do. Fuck a cheatmeal whether your cutting or bulking. Just calculate your cals and macros with a calorie counter app and stick to it. What I mean by that is that you can eat unhealthy products as long as you stick to your numbers. You can compare binging with going to a casino and thinking: Well, I lost $300 I might as well gamble away my house... shit doesn't make sense. Stop while you can and do damage control.

Use supps to reach your macro's: https://www.bodyenfitshop.nl discount code KAZ10

Okay we got the nutrition part down, lets talk workouts...

  • Make a proper split, if its possible to go to the gym every day, do it!!
  • Overtraining? You're never concerned about over-resting, but working out too often is something that you're afraid of XD)
  • Hypertrophy range 8-12 reps (I'd even go up to 15 reps)
  • WORK ON YOUR WEAK PARTS, I REPEAT, WORK ON YOUR WEAK PARTS. If you're shit at math and your good at physics, it does not make sense to take tutoring for physics. You get someone to help you with math.. sounds logical right?
  • Don't egolift and don't be a bitch..use proper form, but try to push your boundaries.

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