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July 08, 2017

The first tip I always give people when they want to become their own boss is to use the recourses they already have. You don't need a lot to start, especially when you're starting a business that provides a service or sells a product that you're already familiar with. For instance; You want to start your online coaching platform. You've been a personal trainer for a while, you've taken all the courses and have a lot of experience working as a trainer in your local gym.

The first resource you can use is your knowledge, you've already invested time and money in educating yourself which is a very good start. 

Next thing is your phone, don't start shopping before you made money. Your phone is a perfect tool to start promoting your business. You can make small clips and pictures to upload to your social media platforms.

Use your own Network/connections, most people are obsessed by getting followers and likes, but forget about the people that are closer to them. If you can't sell your product to your neighbor you're going to have a hard time selling your product to someone that you've never met before.

Free services, use Facebook or Instagram as a shop. Build a community with people that all have the same interest and talk to them on a personal level. Before I built my own websites I had a Facebook shop and used PayPal for transactions.

Many more tips to come, 

Have a wonderful weekend,



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