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Use a macro tracker!

August 12, 2017

Hello People,

I can't stress this enough, use a scale and a macro tracker. Knowing your intake is the most important thing about dieting, just eating healthy doesn't cut it.

Use a macro tracker like myfitnesspal, you'll know exactly what you're calorie count  is and how your macro's are divided. It even keeps track of your micro's. If you want to have a flexible diet while cutting fat, this is the only way.

I've been dieting foor 8 years and I still use my tracker. Thats why I synced my personal app with Myfitnesspal, so all my fitfam members can enjoy their diet while in they're in a calorie deficit. 

Join my kickstart program and I'll explain more.

Enjoying life, while dieting is possible you just need to know how!

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