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June 14, 2018

Short blog update from Schiphol Airport.

Traveling is part of my job, in 2017 alone I visited over 10 different countries on 3 separate continents.

The number one question I receive from clients that are planning a holiday is whether they can bring their supplements with them or not.

The answer is yes.

I transported all different kinds of supplements (legal) in numerous ways through the most secured airports in the world. There is a chance that your bag gets an extra inspection, but other than that you're good to go. 

I personally prefer traveling with plastic tubs for my powders, because with bags there is always a change that they open up or break during the flight, because of air pressure.

I always take this list of supps with me wherever I go:

1. Whey protein (preferably the special series)



4. Multivitamins-omega3

5. Fat burner (for everyone that wants to cut fat)

6. Protein bars (smartbar crunchy white choco and cookies is my favorite

7. Creatine 



So now you know, you can take all your supps with you :)

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x Kaz






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