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February 02, 2022

Yesterday I talked about how exercising helped me cope with anxiety and depression. On this blog I want to talk more about which workouts are best for people who suffer from depression.

One very important thing is intensity, the workout has to be somewhat intense in my opinion. That's because your mind won't be able to focus on more than your workout when you're testing your physical limits.

An example of an intense workout can be crossfit, crossfit isn't always the most popular of workouts, but it's super intense and you're definitely testing your limits.

I always like boxing or kickboxing classes to take my mind off of things, bag workouts in particular. There's something therapeutic about a training yelling combinations in your ear and you just punching the bag as hard as you can.

Hiit (high intensity interval training) the word says it all. This form of working out comes in many ways, you can combine strength and cardio, do circuits or supersets. One thing is for sure, when performed the right way, you wont be thinking about anything else than the present. 

Try my ways, it might help you a lot!

See you at the next one,


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