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Reverse DIET! The most IMPORTANT part!

June 17, 2018

This is how a proper fat-loss diet should go:

PART 1, The cut

  1. Set a goal, be specific and make sure it's trackable. You can use example pictures of other people as well.
  2. Take a selfie. Make a front and side pic of yourself in your underwear every 2 weeks. It's the best way to track your progress.
  3. Get a coach to help you with a good workout, nutrition and supplement program.
  4. Follow that plan religiously and be consistent.
  5. Evaluate with your coach after 2 weeks. 
  6. Adjust if necessary, otherwise keep going until you've reached your goal.

PART 2, Reverse

During part 1 (the cut) you created a deficit in calories, that resulted in fat-loss. You've reached your goal, but you can't stay in a caloric deficit for the rest of your life. Also your maintanance level has dropped significantly, because after a certain period of dieting your body will adjust itself. This is where the reverse diet comes into play.

At this point in your diet you should know your exact intake, because you've been weighing all your food and tracking it with your app. 

You're going to use this as a starting point and slowly up your intake again. I usually recommend to add 50-100 calories every week, consisting of carbs and fats. Your protein intake should always be around the same amount. 

What your doing is teaching your body to burn more calories without adding any body fat. You can keep adding calories until you're at a point that you're comfortably hitting your daily targets without struggling. During your reverse diet it's even more important that you track everything. 

After all of this is done you have a healthy appetite, you're able to have a cheat without feeling the need to start binging and you created the body that you're happy with.

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xx, Kaz





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