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April 29, 2018


VEGAN UPDATE, radicalist don’t freak out! 

My conclusion after 4 weeks full vegan:👇🏼

- I’ll continue to not eat meat or fish. - I’ll continue to not drink milk, eat yoghurt or cheese - I’m going to start using whey again, that includes: shakes, bars, protein icecream and products with a tiny bit of lactose in them! 🌱 🌱 I’d say a pretty successful diet transformation, from at least 1kg of meat a day (pauze) to non at all!

I don’t feel any different from before, my diet has always been high veggie anyway. My skin feels the same and my energy levels as well. I’m just being realistic, not sure about the health benefits or downsides. But if I can inspire people to eat less meat it’s a big win for all of us! —

NOW @bodyenfitshopnl I NEED MY BARSSSSS 😝 —(ooh yeah Ill just write, 90% vegan in my bio...agreed?) #smile #tatts #happy #diet #learnmyways

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