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May 29, 2018

Don’t  let your fear of failure be stronger than your will to succeed.


Easy for me to say right? Wrong...

A huge misconception is for people to think successful people don’t get rejected. Before you say Im arrogant for calling myself successful. My dream was always to be able to work anywhere in the world and provide for myself and a small group of people I call fam/friends. Am I rich? Yes, rich in love, rich in experience! 


Now Back to the main subject.. successful people get rejected 10 times more than others, why? Because they take chances and with taking chances comes rejection and failure. Rejection and failure are part of my daily menu, you know what else is part of my menu?...a win. You take all the BS for that short moment and than it starts all over again.

I will never stop fighting for what I want most in life, that’s a promise to myself



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