NEW pancake recipe by MANNY!!

Posted by kaz van der waard on

Whatupp peeps, chef Manny came up with a new one!

Syrup : 1/2 cup my whey protein rocky road flavor add water or nonfat milk (until desired consistency should be thick) couple dashes of cinnamon about 1/8 teasooon 

Pancakes : 1 cup of egg whites 1/2 cup my whey protein rocky road coulple drops of toffee my protein flavor drops or banana , 1/3 cup of my protein instant Oats , couple dashes of cinnamon. 

Mix together ( batter will be slimy and a little thin consistency but that's ok just make sure it's not to watery) 

Use cooking spray use 1/2 measuring cup and pour into hot pan until edges get a little hard and flip . 

Makes 4 to 5 PC's

Add sliced bananas if you have carbs left XD


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