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July 27, 2017

After years and years of finetuning, it's finally here.

My secret pancake recipe:


  • ripe banana
  • splash of milk
  • cup of eggwhites
  • 2 cups of raw oats
  • 8 myprotein flavdrops get them here 
  • cinnamon powder
  • coconut pam spray


  • Put all ingredients accept for the cinnamon powder and coconut spray in the blender en blend it for 30 sec
  • put pan on medium heat and spray with coconut pam
  • put in a small amount of batter
  • put cinnamon powder on top of the pancake while its still moist 
  • flip the pancake as soon as its dry enough, don't wait too long!
  • Wait for 10 sec and your pancake is ready
  • repeat until all the batter is gone
  • stack of pancakes is ready

Tips on toppings:

0 sugar syrup get it here
lue berries

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