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LEG WORKOUT, everything you need to know

June 10, 2018

Hey peeps,

Let’s make one thing clear, fitness is not a synonym for cirque du soleil.

With that being said:

How you should train legs...if your goal is to get some big ass wheels (nickname for legs)

This goes for men and for women...


  • rep range 6-12 (Can go lower in your later sets if you really want to put your strength to the test
  • Heavy weight, if you’re able to do 12 reps...you up the weight!
  • 2 Minutes rest, give you body time to ALMOST completely recover before you go till failure again
  • Basics; squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, hip thrusts 
  • Train your legs twice a week. Need more info on how to implement this into any split? Jump on my program.
  • A lot of women only train legs. Divide your leg workouts in glute, hamstrings and quad dominant days. Do more isolation workouts, so your muscles still get the recovery time they need. (I do recommend doing upper body twice a week too ladies!)


  • Cardio and hypertrophy workouts are 2 different things, sounds logical? Still A lot of people think their ass will grow by doing the stair master 5 times a week for 45 min.
  • Squats and deadlifts OVER any type of machine. 
  • Stack the leg press with 300 plates thinking you’re the king of the jungle...you’re pathetic!
  • No matter what the numb nut fitness trainer at your local gym told you...stop doing bosu ball, one finger in your ear, stand on one pinky toe BS exercises and focus on the basics. 
  • Don’t squat with a rounded or hollow back. All you ‘Jen Selter copies’ out there.. squating with 5kgs and a hollow back is super cute. Pack the bar with a little more weight  and you’ll squat yourself straight into a hernia. 

My go-to routine:

  • 6x 6-12 reps squats 
  • 5x 6-8 reps deadlifts
  • 5x 10reps leg extensions
  • 5x 10reps leg curls
  • Implement calfs if needed 

Share with your friends, let’s grow a booty. Everyone likes pancakes just not on your back!


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