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January 05, 2018

When I see someone else succeed, do I say its luck? No.. i tell myself that person outworked me, out hustled me, was smarter or more dedicated. When I was younger I looked up to NBA players, I never reached that level. Do I tell myself they we’re lucky? No I tell myself I should’ve put in more work or that I’m simply not good enough and 

I choose the wrong path. By telling someone he/she is lucky you’re taking away their shine and forget the effort they put in. 

Winning money playing roulette is luck...working your ass off and finally getting some ROI for all your sweat and tears isn’t luck. Think about this the next time you call someone lucky. Not saying luck doesn’t exist. But I’ve seen successful people lose everything thing they had and climb back to the top in no time. Were they lucky twice? Don’t wait for your luck, create your own

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