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Losing weight, losing fat and eating healthy are not the same thing

July 09, 2017

  • Losing weight

You create a calorie deficit in your diet; your maintenance level is 2500 calories a day (example).. you eat 2000 calories, you’re going to lose weight. You can add in cardio to make the deficit bigger. 

  • Losing fat

If you want to lose fat you need to create a calorie deficit AND divide your macro’s the right way. Macro’s are carbs, proteins and fats. How to divide your macro’s depends on your body type. Ill explain more about that in upcoming blogs.

  • Eating healthy

Eating healthy means nothing else than consuming healthy ingredients. Like it or not, it’s possible to get fat while eating healthy. Realize an avocado has 320 calories. It contains a lot of healthy fats, but if you have 2 a day and your maintenance level is 1600 calories that 1/3 of your total intake.  

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