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July 07, 2017

I used to have a hard time not cheating, but the more I realize that these foods aren't actually foods, but just an artificial scientific experiment, the less cravings I have towards them. I feel like people don't know how much influence a bad diet can have on their lives. Aside from the looks, your mental health is very much dependent on what you eat. For me it's weird to see people using prescription drugs to fight depression or health issues. Lots of these problems can be solved by eating healthy. Try drinking a fresh vegetable juice instead of a monster energy drink. The vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in the juice will provide you with a stable energy level for a long period of time. The Monster drink will give you an energy spike and a crash afterwards, these crashes create cravings for more unhealthy foods/drinks. Try to look for the healthier option even if you're not on a diet. We got used to eating shitty foods, that means we can also turn it around and get used to eating healthy foods


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