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Legday hacks

July 15, 2017

The main reason why people don't do legs is that they think they have to destroy them every time they walk into the gym. Apparantly it's cool to say that you nearly puked working on your legs. 

I was exactly the same, I put on 4 plates to do squats nearly wracking my lower back, not using proper form at all, etc etc.

What if I told you that you can train legs without leaving the gym nauseous, get a good workout in and leaving the gym satisfied. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should go easy on yourself. 

Legday hack 1.

Focus on reps and form more than weight:

It will allow you to isolate more on the muscle you're working on. I went from 4 plates on squats, shitty form, to 2 plates proper form and you know what happened? I went back to doing 3 plates quite easy, high reps and I'm able to actually activate the muscles that I want to focus on that day. Believe it or not, with mind muscle connection you can target the glutes as well as the quads even when doing the same movement. It's all about where you decide to focus on.

Legday hack 2.

Mix isolated machine movements up with total body/ compound movements.

When you're doing squats, deadlifts and lunges all in a row, chances are that you will puke that day XD. 

But if you do a squat and then move to a leg extension machine before you start hitting deadlifts, it allows your body to recover. Its way harder for you heart to pump blood to multiple big muscle groups at once than just one muscle group at the time, like with the extensions.

example of routine: Squats (total), extensions (isolated), deadlifts (total), leg curls(isolated), lunges (total), calfs (isolated). 

Legday hack 3

Drink a pre workout with a high dosage of beta alanine and citruline, it will stimulate your endurance. Lower the dosage of caffein on leg days, a little caffein will increase the focus, but a high dosage often causes you to start doing dumb shit (this is based on bro science and experience).

Drink your pre workout 45-30 min before your workout. If you drink it to close to the workout it will make you nauseous too.

Legday hack 4

Work legs 2 days a week, split them up in front and back. One day its mostly quads and one day mostly glutes and hammies

example of routine: 

day 1: squats, extensions, leg press, step ups/lunges, jumpsquats (light weights or bodyweight)

day 2: Barbell Deadlifts, lying and seated curls, hip thrusts, stiff legged dumbbell deadlifts (focus on reps more than weight) calfs.

Legday hack 5

STRETCHHHHH, stretching before your workout doesn't do much since your muscle will contract as soon as you start hitting the weights so it makes no sense to stretch them out before. Stretching afterwards helps prevent injuries and sourness. Also walking a slow paste on the treadmill will help you get rid of the toxins produced by you ff'in up your legs.

Legday hack 6 

Eat a good post workout meal. 

Drink a shake after your workout (just 30gr of whey). Eat a decent meal after an hour or so that contains at least 30gr of carbs preferably sweet potato, rice or pasta, 30 gr of protein preferably chicken, turkey or beef, 10 gr of fat preferably walnuts or fishoil and a shitload of veggies to get those micro's straight (micro's: vitamins, minerals, enzymes) 

thanks for reading guys, see you at the next one. (share if this was helpful)





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