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How you should eat your meals

June 03, 2018


  1. Drink 0,6L/20oz of water before you start your meal and drink another 0,6L/20oz of diet soda during your meal. This is to fill up your belly, less chance that you’ll overeat
  2. Use high-volume-low-calorie foods. Lots of veggies! I’ve been using the veggie based rice/pasta etc. only 7 calories per serving🤷🏼‍♂️ life hack. 
  3. If you eat meat, use lean meat in your meals.
  4. Use a lot of spices, make your food taste bomb! Every bite should be happiness😁
  5. Use small plates and silverware, this way it looks like a bigger portion and with the small silverware it’ll take you longer to finish.
  6. Use low calorie sauces! Lots of it😋 walden farms and 2bslim have good ones! Available at bodyenfitshop.nl as well. Discount code KAZ10
  7. Make your own meal or get your meals from a meal prep company so you know exactly whay you eat. 
  9. After you finish your plate you’ll feel the urge to get more, wait 30 min! Your body doesn’t realize yet that it had enough fuel for the upcoming hours. 
  10. Try to make low calorie versions of your favorite foods. Pizza, pancakes, burgers etc. If you do it smart, you can shave off a lot of calories. 

More tips coming! Read my daily blogs.


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