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July 21, 2017

A couple of things you need to know about fatburners:

Don’t rely on them

You can take fatburners all you want, if you’re not following your diet it won’t work! Fatburners are supplements (something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforceor extend a whole.)  That means you shouldn’t rely on a supplement to do all the work for you. Supplements will provide some extra help when everything else is on point.

A fatburner is an energy booster; You’re probably already using the most popular fatburner in the world….coffee. The caffeine in coffee speeds up your metabolism. Green tea extract is another ingredient that has been scientifically proven to help burn fat, it works the same way as caffeine.

Carnitine,Taurine, CLA are also promoted as fatburners, but don’t show any significant results as a fatburner. Often companies put a bunch of substances in these burners and no one really knows what they do. It’s all for marketing reasons.

If you want to burn fat it all comes down to a healthy diet. When you follow a balanced diet burn fatand you eat on a regular basis (at least 4 times a day) you will develop a healthy metabolism.

#majorkeys :

  • Follow a balanced diet;
  • Eat les calories than your maintenance level
  • Eat enough protein
  • Eat slow digesting carbs
  • Eat healthy fats
  • Don’t forget your veggies
  • Drink enough water  (0.5-1 gallon / 2-3Liters a day)
  • take fat burners to suppress cravings/hunger 



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