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Eating pizza and staying shredded

July 30, 2017

The phrase If It fits Your Macros (IIFYM) refers to meeting the individual macronutrient needs relevant to your goals and then filling the remaining calories with foods of personal preference.

Meaning, eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macros.

I wouldn't recommending doing the IIFYM always, because chances are that you're not getting enough micro's in (vitamins, minerals)

But during your cut you sometime want to heave some pleasure food, this is how you stay on track while eating a less healthy meal:

Lets say your caloric target for the day is

2000 calories 

  • 800 cals from protein
  • 800 cals from carbs
  • 400 cals from fats

If you have a pizza, I'd recommend building it yourself (at places like pizza rev this is possible) that way you can decide what you put on your pizza.

You split your pizza up in macro's

  • crust (carbs)
  • meat toppings (protein)
  • oils/cheeses (fat)

You make an estimate of the weight or you just ask the chef for the measurements and you put them into your macro tracker (there are multiple apps) for my programs I use Myfitnesspal

Lets say your pizza was 800 calories 

  • 300 calories from carbs
  • 300 calories from protein
  • 200 calories from fats

You deduct that from your total and know you know what you got left over to eat for the rest of the day. IIFYM often means lesser meals but more pleasure food because they contain more calories. 

I choose to eat lighter ingredients so I can eat more meals and I enjoy healthy foods a lot so that helps. But sometimes I choose to switch it up.


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