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November 22, 2018

Wandering around Amsterdam winterwonderland. Searching for the next vegan joint. Meatless restaurants poppin up left and right and we are about to try them all. The biggest problem in ‘vegan land’ is the overpriced food. Labeling something with ‘vegan’ increases the price significantly. Please stop acting like vegan ingredients are more expensive. Most key ingredients in plant based meals are super cheap. There is no reason to ask 10 bucks for a vegan sandwich. If you want people to eat less meat and you’re a true vegan, don’t rip off people that want to become vegan. You’re scaring them away XD

So for all vegan restaurant owners that sell overpriced dishes; eat a plant based d**k. And everyone that would like to try vegan dishes, don’t let them fool you! It’s possible to be vegan or vegetarian on a budget. 


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