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Don't listen to the bullshit

July 23, 2017


If you search the internet on how to get a sixpack you’ll often find workout programs with multiple ab/core exercises. The programs explain how to work on certain parts of the abdominal area. For instance: If you want to work on your lower abs, you should do leg raises, knee tucks etc. They’ll tell you to do a bunch of crunches and if you keep doing them for a couple of weeks your abs will eventualy start appearing. On youtube it’s no different, so called personal trainers tell you that if you buy their ’15 min workout routine’ and follow their workout you’ll have a sixpack in no time.


We all have sixpacks, thats just the shape of the abdominal muscle… whether its shows or not is a different story. Often the abs are covered by a nice layer of fat, because of our bad eating habits. In order to show your abs you need to adjust your nutrition intake. You can train your abs all you want, but as long as their covered by fat you’ll never see them. You can lose fat without working out, but its adviced to combine a good nutrition plan with a workout program. The workouts will speed up your metabolism, if you combine this with a healthy diet you’ll start seeing the results. You’ll slowly lose fat and your abs will start appearing after a while. First the upper part and shortly after the lower part of the abs will show. The lower part of the abs are always the hardest, they’ll hide until you get to 6% bodyfat or lower, for women this will happen around 8-10%.how to get a sixpack

Im not saying you shouldn’t work on your abs, its a very important muscle group for balance and strength. Im just saying that if you want them to show you need to lose fat.




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