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Don’t be afraid to eat carbs.

July 26, 2017

It’s true that if you cut carbs from your diet completely and you eat under your maintanance level you’ll lose weight. But cutting all your carbs will always be a temporary thing. If you stop eating carbs for a longer periode of time and you add them back into your diet, you will gain weight twice as hard. Thats why you have to teach your body to cope with carbs.


It’s important to devide your macro’s the right way. Macro’s are carbs, protein and fat. Every food has it’s purpose, cabrs and fat will provide energy, energy that you need to function. Protein is for maintenance of body tissue, including development and repair. At the beginning of your day you need carbs for energy, at the end of the day you don’t need these anymore because you’re preparing to go to bed. Your carb intake should go from 70% per meal (in the morning) to 30% or less (at night). Proteins and fats shift in the oppisite way.

slow-releasing carbs

There is a difference in quality when it comes to carbs. There are slow and quick releasing carbs, the last one will give a short energy spike, but also a crash afterwards. You want to avoide highs and lows in your energy level you need to eat slow-releasing carbs. These carbs will provide your body with energy for a longer periode of time without spikes and crashes. Examples of slow-releasing carbs:

  • sweet/white potato
  • oats
  • wholegrains

competition prep

Cut carbs and you will look flat! Keep your metabolism high and use slow-carbs in small portions throughout the day, this goes for men more than women (more on that subject in upcomming blogs) Start upping your carbs at least 3-7 days before you go on stage, depending on how quick your body absorbs the carbs (you’ll learn this from experience)

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