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BUSTING MYTHS. How much time do you need to spend in the gym?

December 07, 2018


Spending more time in the gym is equivalent to making more gains right?.... Wrong

I have the most irregular schedule when it comes to going to the gym. I'm training whenever there's an opening from work. How is it possible that I always run into the same people, no matter which part of the day I go. It's either a coincidence or they're spending way to much time there.

Unless your goal is to work on endurance or you're trying to burn calories. Working out for 45-60min a day is enough to make gains.

If you hit your sets hard and push yourself to the limit your 'gastank' will be empty at the end of your routine. Choose 5 exercises for each day you work out. The sport is not to use as many machines as you can, the sport is to get that aesthetic fitness model look. 

Do multiple sets where you focus on your mind muscle connection. 

Super cool you can press 150kg on the bench, but why is your chest still looking flat AF. It's because you're not able to focus on the right muscles with all that weight. Again, it's all about the goal you try to pursue. If you are a powerlifter, go for it. But if your goal is to look like a fitness model, you should focus on hitting the muscles you want to grow. 

more in tomorrow's blog 


x Kaz

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