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Belly fat

June 09, 2018

I’m back with some info, that you should never forget. 

The lower part of your abs get covered with fat before anything else. They are the last to show and the first to go. 

Doing infinite crunches will not get you the results you are looking for. ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. Makes sense? 

Nutrition definitely plays a big roll in whether your lower abs will show or not. Everyone has them, the lower part of your abs is just covered by a layer of fat.


How to get rid of belly fat efficiently:

  • Eat in a calorie deficit 
  • make your deficit bigger by working out
  • combine strength and cardio for the perfect balance 
  • Devide your macros in a way that fits your bodytype. (Jump on my program, if you want me to help you with it)
  • Focus on compound exercises, squats, deadlifts, benchpress, bentover rows etc. Especially if you’re not able to do a full week split and you have limited time.
  • Be consistant for a longer periode of time..don’t give up on your workouts and nutrition after 3 days. Results might show after a week, maybe 2.
  • Evaluate and adjust, if you’re not losing fat you’re not in a deficit. So you need to lower cals and/or adjust macro’s

You will lose fat if you follow these rules. Sorry to tell you, 99% of you are not a special case. Don’t make up excuses for yourself and be disciplined.

Peace out 👍🏼

Share my knowledge with your friends! Let’s all get shredded this summer 

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