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A little background info about me.

August 10, 2017

I started my career as an athlete playing basketball. After winning multiple national championships and playing for the national youth team, representing the Netherlands on numerous european/world championships, I started my fitness journey. Within 3 years, I won my first bodybuilding (men's physique competition) and eventually proclaimed my pro card winning the European championship in Barcelona 2014. After that win I got signed by myprotein (supplement company) and joined a well known brand within the fitness industry with athletes from all around the world with a combined social media following of 20 million users. I was working as an online trainer/motivator helping people reach goals on a physical and mental level. My client base existed of known dutch singers, dj's, rappers, vloggers and tv-personalities. I also started a healthy food delivery company (KCALculated) and built it up to a well used service that delivers meals throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.


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