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8 tips to kill Cravings when you are on a diet.

December 27, 2018

Losing fat can be a hard process, being in a constant calorie deficit messes with your mental and physical state. 

Stage 1. Getting rid of your sugar addiction,

After a period of eating bad foods it's hard to kill those bad habits. Still I'd recommend going cold turkey, the first week or two you'll feel low on energy, but that will eventually go away. You will start eating more veggies and fruits, which will provide you with natural energy.

Stage 2. Skinny fat

Your muscles will be less full after the first couple of days because of the carb deficit, but you're body fat won't drop as fast. This is what I call stage 'skinny fat' the most horrible stage of all. It makes you want to eat carbs and forget about the whole plan to lose fat. It comes down to mental toughness and just wearing a hoodie for a couple of weeks XD.

Stage 3. The first positive results.

You're 4 weeks in and just passed stage 'skinny fat'. You're upper abs starting to show and you're jawline is finally coming through.

Stage 4. Relapse, once you get passed this point you're golden!

Its day 30 and you haven't been cheating...That 1500 calorie cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory starts looking more appealing by the day. The cravings are kicking in.

If you're going through a fatloss program for the first time, this is a real breaking point. Having a little bite isn't an option, because you'll start binging like crazy. 
What you need to find is alternatives that you can implement into your program. I call these:

Craving killers.

  1. Froyo, or halo tops. Use the carbs that you can eat on ice-cream! I would do this like 2 times a week when your cravings are really bad, just to suppress the cravings. You'll still have a good feeling about yourself after eating it, but at least you gave yourself a little reward after a long period of dieting. 
  2. Coffee, You might run low on energy, because you don't have a lot of reserves left to burn. Caffein helps you with that, but an even better alternative is veggie shakes. Make yourself a kale and carrot shake or get it at the local juicery. The vitamins, minerals and enzymes will provide you with the energy you need.
  3. Sweeteners, if you're having problems taking artificial sweeteners, because you're afraid of the side effects you can always use natural sweeteners. You can use them to sweeten any food you have. Side note: they kill your cravings, but keep your sweet tooth alive. So it's a very temporary remedy.
  4. In stead of fighting against your cravings while you're sitting in front of the TV at night, go for a walk. Besides killing cravings, it's super nice to clear your mind after a long day of work. I usually bring my headphones and listen to some R&B while walking a couple of miles. 
  5. Popcorn, get a popcorn machine that makes popcorn without the use of oil. Corn is a low calorie carb source, it's very easy to skip 20gr of carbs during another part of the day so you can enjoy some fat free popcorn at night. 
  6. Cinnamon, use cinnamon to put some flavor in your food. It's a natural metabolism booster, tastes good and takes your cravings away.
  7. Diet drinks, works the same way as sweeteners, but sometimes it's good to have it as a backup when times are tough:)
  8. Allow yourself a small cheat meal every once in a while. A meal, not a feast!!!

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