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December 11, 2018

Reasons why you should use a pre-workout supplement:

  • The energy

The energy in a preworkout blend is often provided by either caffeine, guarana or a combination of those two. If you have an early morning session or you just finished your shift at work and you need that extra push; I’d use a blend with at least 150mg of caffeine (similar to 1,5 cups of coffee). This’ll get you going for at least 1 or 2 hrs.

  • The pump

Let’s be honest….most of us bodybuilders are addicted to the pump. It’s the reason why we go back to the gym over and over again. To create a good pump these substances are essential:  L-arginine, L-citrulline (1000-2000mg). Carbs also help your pump, but I prefer to eat a good meal 2hrs before my workout instead of getting a preworkout with extra carbs.

  • Explosiveness

Creatine will help your expolosive strength. I’d say 5-10GR a day is perfect, there is no loading fase. A side effect of creatine is that you’ll hold a little more fluid. If your planning on participating in a competition you should stop taking creatine a couple of weeks before you get on stage.

  • Endurance

I love doing high volume workouts. Beta-alanine is a supplement that’ll help you do those extra reps. It can give you a tingeling sensation, especially when you take it for the first time so don’t freAk out XD. A good preworkout contains at least 1500mg.


  • Use a preworkout without caffeine when you’re training later in the evening, so you won’t have any trouble sleeping. Also if you’re suffering from anxiety I’d recommend a preworkout without caffeine.
  • Try not to rely on preworkout to much. Focus on good nutrition, It’ll provide you with all the energy you need.

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