3 tips to become/stay ripped and shredded

Posted by kaz van der waard on

1. Eat less than you need.

It really is that simple. Log your food and track your macro's. If your maintenance level is 2500 cal a day and you want to lose weight, drop to 2000 a day and you'll lose weight. Track you macro's, follow a high protein diet and adjust it to your activity level. (More about protein amounts in other blogs) 1.6-2 times your body weight in grams is a good way to start. That means if you weigh 100kg you should eat 160-200 gram of protein a day.

2. Up your activity.

The more you do, the more calories you burn. Combine strength and cardio for ultimate results.

3. Use natural fat burners. A couple of examples;

  • caffeine 
  • green tea extract
  • cla
  • fat burners (premixed)
  • L-carnitine 
  • pre workouts





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