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3 simple steps for an 8-pack

July 06, 2018


  1. Nutrition

With the help of a good nutrition program and a calorie deficit you can lower your body fat percentage. If you get below a certain bf percentage your abs will start showing. Everyone has a different shape of abs, this is genetically decided. Some are symmetrical some are crooked, some people have an 8pack others a 4 packs. Thats something you can’t change.

  1. Workout

Besides lowering your BF percentage you can train your abs to ‘pop’ more! Treat the abdominals like any other muscle in your body. If you want to make them grow/get more volume, you need to hit them with hypertrophy workouts. That means a rep range between 8-12. Heavy lifting!! Forget about the 500 bodyweight crunches and start adding weight to the exercises. 

  1. Exercises 

Eventhough your Sixpack is 1 muscle you can split it up in 3 parts; upper, middle and lower.

Hit the upper area with a weighted crunch, cable crunch and on the ab machine.

The middle part is always participating, with the upper and lower exercises. The decline bench, where you hook your feet and hold a weight to your chest targets the middle in a good way.


Lower abs: all leg raises and leg pulls. 


Train the serratus en obliques  by doing Russian twists, plate swings and windshield wipers (for the advanced) 


  1. Attention 

Don’t confuse ab exercises and core exercises. Core stability exercises won’t make your abs grow. They will improve your form, but that is a subject for another day.


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