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10 tips to cut calories

July 25, 2017


  • Use the stairs instead of using an elevator or lift

The amount of calories you burn could easily add up to 100 a day.

  • Use your bike for small distances or take a walk

Instead of using the car for every little trip outside your door, use your bike or just walk

  • Use smaller plates,

Eat small portions, don’t eat until you’re full.

  • Limit your toppings

Eating a salad and topping it off with nuts, mayo and feta beats the purpose of having a salad.

  • That it’s healthy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain calories

Nuts for instance are healthy, but they are very rich in calories. Either way them or keep it to a 10-nut-maximum

  • Sleep

People who sleep less eat more, its that simple.

  • Prepare your own food

That way you know exactly what’s in your meal.

  • No more soda’s

Cutting soda’s is probably the easiest calorie saver.

  • no more egg yokes

egg with yoke: 55 calories, egg without yoke 18 calories.

  • Teach yourself to like coffee and tea without milk and sugar

1 cube of sugar contains 12 calories

These are small adjustments, but they make a huge difference! Try it yourself.




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